It's OK Thursday

Happy Friday Eve! We're almost there!! Linkin' up with Amber and Neely for It's OK Thursday!

It's OK that....

~ I almost threw a hissy fit because I thought the DVR didn't pick up this week's episode of Revolution... but it did *phew*

~ I loooooove living in FL but I'm very much looking forward to the fall weather when we fly up for sis-in-law's wedding. I love that we can have it for a few days and I can break out my scarves and boots and see the foliage, but come back to beach weather. Best of both worlds!

~ I'm super nervous that they're not going to end How I Met Your Mother or The Office on the right note. I'd hate to see two amazingly used to be hilarious shows not go out with a bang. 

~ I wait until I get several renewal notices before I finally renew my magazine subscriptions. Seriously they send a bazillion of them!

~ I'm still craving the Pinnacle Pumpkin Pie vodka from last weekend. Flingin' flangin' delicious!

~ I'm overwhelmed with how many house projects I'd still like to see get done in the near future. Why doesn't money grow on trees? *sigh*

~ I'm already planning our Christmas party in December... 

~ Most of my ideas for said party are from Pinterest

~ I wish Pinterest existed before I planned my wedding... for realz!

~ Sometimes I'd like to throw H's xbox out the window 0:-)

What's OK in your life today?


  1. My boots came out yesterday, in FL. ;) I decided screw it, it IS officially fall!
    I haven't seen this pumpkin pie pinnacle vodka yet, I'll have to search that out. It's almost Friday!

  2. I'm totally with you on wishing Pinterest was around when I got married. Although, I'm sure the cost of it would've sky-rocketed. ;)

    And the eleventy thousand magazine subscriptions? I actually wait until AFTER the final notice to renew. And I seem to get a few "final notices". Ha.

    Found you from the link-up. Newest follower!

    Come by if you can!