Nails for a Cause

A cause that is very close and dear to my heart is breast cancer awareness. My MIL is a survivor and it was so hard to watch her go through the treatments, but she beat it and looks better than ever! So, I was super excited when one of my friends gave me a belated b-day present this weekend.

The OPI Pink of Hearts nail polish set and a beautiful pink bracelet which also gave proceeds to breast cancer research.

I put on I Think in Pink and then put You Glitter Be Good to Me on my accent nails.

So light and pretty

I also keep forgetting to post my bubble necklace that finally came in a few weeks ago. Remember when I posted about the bubble necklace deal on groopdealz? Well here she is and I love it so much I may just have to order a few more colors 0:-)


  1. Awww that is so cute...I'm going to look for it!!

  2. That nail polish is so pretty- and with a good cause I absolutely LOVE it. I'm waiting on a bubble necklace to come....fingers crossed it doesn't take QUITE as long as yours :(