Happy Birthday! Love, Sephora

My birthday is in 2 days... eek! But I don't want to turn 28 *insert pouty face*. Sigh... well there's nothing I can do about it, and I have to admit I'm at the best place in my life right now and wouldn't go back to my early or even mid-twenties for anything! I had a beautiful wedding last year and married the guy of my dreams, went on an amazing honeymoon, we fulfilled our dream of moving to FL, we built our new house, and now we've got our cruise coming up with 2 of our favs at the end of the week. So, I guess I'll stop the pity party of getting closer to 30.

Months ago I hinted to H that I wanted a pair of nude Louboutins for my upcoming birthday, but I retracted that since our cruise is so close to my birthday and told him I just wanted to get a few things at Sephora, but I wanted to pick them up myself so I can rack up more Beauty Insider points of course!

Happy Birthday to me! :0)

I picked up Lola by Marc Jacobs, Benefit's Eye Bright pencil, and some makeup brush cleaner that I desperately needed!

Not only do I love the scent, but I also love the bottle and beautiful top! 

I tried out the new Lola La by Marc Jacobs and honestly wasn't a fan and am sticking to my original love which is the original Lola :0)

I also picked up a new mascara and nail polish at Target for the cruise. I usually wear Maybelline's Falsies, but decided to try out Cover Girl's Lash Blast. 

I tried it this morning, and it's not as "goopy" as Maybelline's Falsies, but it also doesn't give my pitifully almost non-existent lashes much help like the Falsies do. So, I'll finish the bottle, but probably revert back to my purple tube that I have loved for a while.

I finally picked up a bottle of Essie's "Fiji" which is not only a shout out to H and I's honeymoon location last year, but a really pretty soft pink color that I wanted for our upcoming trip later this week. I'll post pics once I paint my nails! 


  1. I really like Lola too, such a good scent!

    Can't wait to see how the nail polish looks on your hands, I love a soft pink for my hands.

  2. Everyone has that eye bright pencil, I see myself getting it in the future! I have been wanted MJs Daisy Eau So Fresh for months, I love their bottles. I also wasn't a fan out lash blast or falsies, either. Have you tried Clinique's mascaras? Love them!