Carnival Dream Day 2

After a good first night's sleep we were up and ready for our first day at sea. We had room service deliver breakfast (always free on a cruise!) so we enjoyed some fresh pastries, jams, fruit, and coffee out on our balcony as we took in the beautiful sites of the bright blue Caribbean Sea and the ocean breeze. Amazingly perfect! After breakfast, we made our way up to the top deck to enjoy laying out in the sun, some tropical drinks, swimming in the pools, and going down the waterslides. Sometimes, waterslides on cruise ships are just "so-so" and kind of a let down, but not the ones on the Carnival Dream! They had a corkscrew slide and a slide called the "Drain Pipe". Both were really fast and a lot of fun.

Enjoying the view with a Miami Vice

My hair is a mess... I like to call this the "salt water wind blown" look :-P

Enjoying one of the hot tubs down on Deck 5 overlooking the water

All dressed up for the 1st formal night

We went to dinner and then all went to the show in the Encore Lounge and then the comedy show in the Burgandy Lounge. Both were great shows! Where else can you get dressed up and go to dinner and a show every night?

The atrium area is one of the most beautiful parts of the ship

Everyone waves their napkins in the air as the waiters sing and dance for us


  1. Looks like so much fun (and I love your dress)

  2. It was! All I'm thinking about now is trying to book our next cruise! And thanks! I got that dress last summer at H&M and I've seen some just like it at Express.