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I've been going to the same hair stylist for almost 10 years and absolutely love her! However, H and I moved last year and she's not just a short drive away anymore. I went to see her and got my hair cut and colored while home for Christmas last year, but am in desperate need of a new cut and color again and shouldn't have waited this long nevermind continuing to wait until this Christmas! So, I started researching salons in our area, but I'm super nervous about trusting someone new with my hair (ridiculous I know, but I know there are a lot of other girls who feel the same way about their hairdresser). So, a few girls suggested going to Ulta's salon, so I looked up their site to see their services and prices and I found this gem!

I feel a lot better about going to someone new if I'm getting a good deal. I couldn't believe how much I'd be saving, but I told H that I still feel like I'm cheating on my hair stylist back home :0(

I'm definitely still nervous, but I'm going to put my trust in the stylist and bring inspiration pics of what I'm looking for and hopefully it'll come out great. I'll be sure to post a review and some pics after my appointment this week.

H and I just relaxed this weekend and tackled a lot of housework and got in some good workouts since last weekend was so crazy busy with one of my college friends visiting and this upcoming week will also be crazy. I have to travel for work and H has a big surprise coming at the end of the week, but I can't blog about it until after the fact just in case he checks in which he does sometimes. It's almost impossible to keep secrets from him, but I've done great this time around.. in fact he doesn't even know there's a secret that's being kept which  is probably why it actually worked!

Last weekend, one of my good friends from college flew down to visit and stayed with us. We enjoyed a couple days off of work with him and went to Aquatica, the beach, and out to various restaurants and bars. It was a great couple days, but so busy and of course it went by too fast. Beware: picture overload!

One of my new tops from my recent Victorias Secret order

One of my new bathing suits from Old Navy

The only gator my friend got to see while he was here 

We went to Ice Bar which we loved! It was soooo cold but so much fun!

One of my new dresses from my recent Victorias Secret order for our upcoming cruise, but I was too eager to try it out. It was super comfy yet nice enough looking to wear for a night out. 

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