I love Bethenny

I know I've been talking about it for a while, but Skinny Girl Sangria is FINALLY in stores! My amazing H surprised me with a bottle when we got home from work tonight. He said the clerk at the store said they had literally just got it checked in and he was buying their first bottle!

....and the verdict is.... I love it! I'm so predictable, but it really is that good! I know part of it is mental since I know it's so much better for you than a regular margarita or sangria, but it really is very yummy. It doesn't taste as "diety" as the Skinny Girl Margaritas do. As much as I love the margaritas, I had to get accustomed to the taste, it was kind of like switching from coke to diet coke. The sangria has a very light fruity taste and it's delish! But no where near as heavy as a regular sangria. Perfect for warm summer nights. I love Bethenny Frankel! She rocks!


  1. Nothing beats a little Skinnygirl! :) Bethenny definitely ROCKS!

  2. I need to check if they have it in my area yet!