Surprise Weekend

Wow did I have a busy week.. I had to travel for work later in the week and then was H's big surprise. Remember how I mentioned that there was a big surprise for H coming up this weekend? Well.. the big surprise was one of his best friends flying down to surprise him for the weekend. H has been on his case to come visit ever since we moved last year and he kept bothering him to come visit and was even getting pretty upset that he hadn't come down yet. Soooo.. about 3 months ago Brian emailed me at work and asked me if I could keep a secret and went over dates that would work for us and booked his flights. It was so hard keeping such a big secret from H, but when he doesn't know there's a secret being kept it's much easier to keep it from him. So, I had him take a half day from work on Friday telling him we were going to some local wineries to celebrate my birthday. He fell for it, and I took the whole day off and picked Brian up at the airport and we waited for H to get home. When we saw him driving down the street, he went out the back door and went around the front and rang the doorbell... I took some video of H's reaction which was more shocked than anything else and was priceless.

We had an amazing weekend and went to the beach twice and out both nights and just as quickly as he came to see us, he was gone again as H dropped him back off at the airport this morning. It was sad to say goodbye, but it worked for the best since we needed to do last minute shopping for our cruise next weekend.

Oooh and I got to meet JJ Redick from the Orlando Magic! :-D

So happy to see these two bozos reunited again!

Such a great weekend, and I'm so glad it was a complete surprise for H! Now just to get through this work week until our cruise. Friends of ours are flying in on Friday night and then Saturday we're driving to the cruise port to start an amazing week! 

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