Tufted Headboards

Now that we're all moved into our first house, I have been trying to visualize how I'll design some of the rooms and I really want to give our master bedroom some more pizazz. I keep seeing pictures of people's bedroom retreats with a tufted headboard and I absolutely love the look, plus it looks much more comfortable to lean up against as opposed to wood or iron.

I had always loved the look, but wasn't sure where to start looking for that type of headboard. Then I remembered that I had seen something similar to one that I would love for our room on Veronika's Blushing blog under her home decor tab so I messaged her on her formspring page and asked where she got theirs. She responded and said hers was purchased from West Elm. I went to their website and I really like some of the tufted headboards there and may end up going that route, but I want to do some more research first and get H's opinion before I make a rash decision. 

Right now, our master bedroom feels huge and is literally swallowing up our current queen sized bed. When we were at our apartment, our bedroom felt almost too small with our bed, 2 bedside tables, and H's dresser holding our tv on it. Now, our room looks practically empty and has plenty of room to grow into. My current ideas are upgrading to a king sized bed and purchasing the tufted headboard in a green color to match our curtains, getting a new down comforter and duvet cover in white, and painting the walls a light pewterish grey. Currently, they're the same color as the rest of the house which is a light tan/beige. Which looks great against our white trim and tray ceiling, but as I said earlier, I'd like some more pizazz and to step out of the beige-ness that is our house. Also, we'd like to make one side of the room a sitting area with 2 chairs and a table so we have a nice relaxing place to read once the chaos of having a family makes it's way into our lives. 

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