Carnival Dream Day 4

Day 4 on the Carnival Dream was another port of call, and this time we stopped in Mahogany Bay which is located on the island of Roatan, Honduras. I was super excited and nervous all at the same time for this stop because we had booked a zip lining excursion combined with Gumbalimba Park with our friends we were cruising with. H had read about a lady on a Norwegian ship who fell to her death while on this same ziplining tour in February so he freaked himself out and me a little bit, but I still pushed for us to go because I knew it would be an amazing experience. So, he reluctantly agreed to go since the rest of us were all going. He was too cute, he barely touched his breakfast that morning, as I ate enough for the both of us not knowing when we'd have lunch, and I know I tend to get cranky when I'm really hungry. I was planning ahead!

When we woke up, I looked outside our balcony and saw a beautiful island with a little village of shops built up just for Carnival passengers. There was also a beach to the right of the bay that had a chairlift to take passengers to. The beach is also reachable by a short walk if you don't want to take the chairlifts over as they can sometimes break down, as I've read on Cruise Critic and then you're stuck up there until it's fixed. H and I got off the boat and made our way to meet up with our tour and our friends.

View from our room when docked

All suited up and ready to go 

Just like I thought, after the first run he did great and was ready for more! 

After zip lining which by the way was AMAZING and so exhilarating, we went on a tour through Gumbalimba Park where we saw lots of iguanas, birds, and monkeys. We also walked through a cave that taught us a lot about the history of the island including a pirate called Coxen. 

Crossing the bridge to the bird and monkey sanctuary

After re-boarding the ship, we got ready for dinner where we were once again stuffed with good food and entertained by our awesome waiters.

After dinner, the guys got cigars and we went out onto the deck and played a Apples to Apples and just enjoyed the beautiful night together.

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