Favorite New Hair Products

I'm always on the hunt for new hair products that'll help give my super fine hair the lift it needs while also giving it extra shine since it tends to get dull pretty quick after my visit to the hairdresser.

Lately, I've been loving L'Oreal's Boost It spray and TRESemme's Keratin Smooth spray (both were purchased at my happy place - Target). They both not only work great, but smell great too. After washing my hair and letting it air dry for a bit, I spray my damp roots with the Boost It spray by lifting them up with a comb. Then I spray the rest of my hair with the Keratin Smooth spray and comb it through. I let them both sit for a few minutes before blow drying my hair. 


1. For the Boost It spray to work, you need to blow dry you hair by lifting from the roots or flipping your head upside down so that the heat works it's way in while your hair is lifted. I'm not talking some drastic 80's do, I'm just looking for a little more body so that my hair isn't laying flat.

2. For the Keratin Smooth spray, you want to make sure you're blow drying your hair in a downwards motion to aid the smoothness of your hair. 

The combination of these two products give my roots the lift they desperately need, the smoothness I've been looking for, and an added bonus of heat protection to keep my hair looking healthier longer.

What are your favorite heat protection hair products?


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  1. I need to try the boost spray!! I love the treseme one. I use it to! :)

  2. I looove the Boost It Lift Spray so I'll for sure check out the heat spray! Anything for bigger hair!

  3. I love the TRESemme keratin spray. I may be a little bit of a hair care product junkie.

  4. I like Tresemé its awesome for my hair

  5. Well it seems like we have the same hair so I may just have to give these a go! I'm usually an Aveda lover but I'm always on the lookout for a deal. These seem downright perfect.

    1. Excuse me miss your hair always looks gorgeous! I wish we had the same hair :-P

      P.S. You're a no-reply blogger now and it gives me a sad face that I can no longer respond to you via email :(

  6. Spending the evening with m hubby made me happy! Thanks for this amazing giveaway! Anna K, mattandanna at live dot com

  7. I've tried that Treseme (no spell check for this...lol) product, loved it! Made my hair so smooth. I'm trying Garnier Fruitesse right now and it makes my hair more voluminous, which is not a good thing considering my hair is already curly and frizzy.