Ready to drink around the world

Oh sweet Friday you're finally here! I can't wait to kick back tonight by the fire pit with zero cares and a drink in hand.

I'll admit I'm a tad upset that after this weekend the Olympics will be over. What will I watch every night? At least after the summer games we have Shark Week to look forward to once it's over to stifle the blow, but we have to go cold turkey after the winter games. I'll be a busy-bee this weekend which should help distract me from the end of one of my favorite things.

Looking forward to:

~ Going to Epcot tomorrow for some good food and drinks around the world. Excited it'll be warm enough to ditch the jacket, scarf, and jeans I had to wear last month at Disney. Mickey doesn't approve of the cold weather...

~ Catching up with friends over half priced mimosas at brunch on Sunday

It's also my father in-law's b-day and my mom's b-day this weekend. I got my mom's gifts out in the mail, which I'll be featuring on here next week and will be baking a cake for H's dad's birthday dinner.


I'd also like to introduce everyone to a brand new link up hosted by Emily and I every Tuesday called Tuesday's Recipe Swap. I'm excited to join Emily in this new link up, and hope to see everyone linking up with us each week. Get your recipes ready this weekend and grab our button below and join us on Tuesday.

Martinis & Bikinis

Happy Friday! *Cheers* to the weekend.


  1. Ooooh can't wait for the recipe swap! I post mine on Monday's but I will still link up for sure :) Have fun drinking around the world this weekend!

  2. I'm so jealous that you get to go to Epcot whenevsies! I live pretty close to Disneyland, but I haven't been to Disney World since I was a kid. Hope you have fun this weekend! xo

    1. I've never been to Disney Land, that is a must-do on my list next time I'm in So-Cal ;-)