Weekend Not-So Shenanigans

Happy Veterans Day everyone! Today is a bittersweet day for me, I love honoring all the wonderful veterans out there (let's not talk about the fact that my brother... the marine is excited he gets to eat for free at Hooters today which is neither here nor there...) but today would have been my beautiful cousin's 28th birthday. Words cannot describe how much I miss her and how raw the wounds still are even after 5 months of it being "real" it's still not my reality.

Weren't we adorable? 

Remember those germ cesspools ball pits at Chuck E Cheese? We had the time of our lives at her 5th birthday party in one and I remember my mom not being able to get me out.

Loved this girl more than anything... no one else will have the title of cousin, sister, and best friend.

... Now onto happier things. I'm so happy to announce that I had my first low key weekend in MONTHS! That's just craziness to me, but I loved every second of it and got A LOT done.

We were supposed to go to brunch with friends who are down visiting from CT, but they had a little too many drinks around the world at Epcot the night before (we've all been there...) I was looking forward to ordering one of those giant mimosas Emily has been raving about, but it'll have to wait *sigh*.

~ Breakfast on the patio

~ Roxy waiting patiently for a piece of french toast

~ Put together the birthday girl's gift for her to open before we set sail on her birthday Bahamas cruise

~ Closet is a disaster as we pack for the cruise

~ Went shopping and picked up a few things at F21

~ Made baked apple cider donuts

~ Lit the 3 wick cider donut candle to go with my new recipe

~ Laid out by the pool Sunday...reason 189735769 why I love living in Florida

~ Quiet afternoon to catch up on blogs and finally fill out the tabs at the top of my blog *slacker*

Joining Sami for Weekend Shenanigans, hop on over and share your weekend with us even if it's as lame as mine was ;-)


  1. I love your cute little blogging space! A huge thank you to your brother for fighting for our country! Hope he has a blast at Hooters!! loL!

    What a bittersweet day it must be for you. Thinking of you today. =)

  2. Happy birthday to Caroline..I hope she continues to rest in peace *hugs* Looks like a nice weekend! I could use a relaxing weekend! Not sure if that will happen anytime this year. The birthday gift looks like so much fun!

  3. And then I remembered why I don't like living in New York all winter long.

    Happy Birthday to Caroline and thank you to your brother!

  4. Thank you to your brother for his service!! Happy Birthday to your cousin who I am sure is shining down on your! and too funny that your brother is most excited about free hooters...a guy I guess has to be excited about something

  5. I'm glad you were able to have a relaxing weekend! Those are the best sometimes! And I love those three wick candles!

  6. Thanks to your brother for his service!! That birthday gift looks awesome, you must be a great gift giver and I'm so jealous that you're in Florida laying by the beach while we experienced snowfall in Chicago today :/!

  7. Love me a good unplanned weekend to get stuff done!