Smart Target Holiday Shopping

It's no secret that Target is my happy place, it's almost impossible for me to walk out of that store without spending a crap ton of money. The store seriously has everything.... home decor, beauty products, clothes, shoes, accessories, electronics, groceries, party supplies, etc...

But one of the reasons I love shopping there is how affordable it is. Not only are they generally cheaper than other retailers and grocery stores, but they also provide multiple ways to save which is great with the busiest shopping season of the year fastly approaching.

1. Coupons

I check their site every week and print off coupons to save even more than I already am on top of their already low prices and weekly sales.

2. Red Card

I was reluctant to sign up for a red card until a little over a year ago. I always thought there was some kind of a catch such as an annual fee, but there are no catches. I have the debit card which is directly linked to my checking account and I save 5% on every single transaction including online orders. Plus I get free shipping on every online order. It's amazing watching my total saved for the whole year.

3. Cartwheel App

My new favorite way to save is with Target Cartwheel where you choose from hundreds of available offers for additional savings. I only started using this app a few weeks ago, and I've already saved close to $10 with it. You simply add the offers you'd like to save on to your app, and have the check out associate scan the bar code on your phone before paying.

Considering I do a lot of my Christmas shopping at Target (gifts, stocking stuffers, wrapping paper, baking supplies, etc...) it's fantastic that there are several ways for me to wrack up savings.

If you plan on doing any holiday shopping this weekend, make sure you're armed with their weekly ad, coupons, and the cartwheel app. And if you haven't gotten a red card yet, what are you waiting for?! Open one at the check out and you'll continue saving at every visit.

**Disclosure: I am receiving a sweepstakes entry in exchange for the above blog post**


  1. the red card is the best. my mother actually convinced me to get it and it's so nice to save EVERYTIME with no catch. I need to get the cartwheek app for sure. I was skeptical of it because it just looked like a an ad on my facebook haha

  2. Had no idea about the app! Thank you!!! =D Happy Thanksgiving!!

  3. Oh sweet! I am going to download the cartwheel app. I love Target too but hardly shop there since there isn't one close enough by but I'm sure the app will come in handy when I do occasionally find my way into your happy place. lol

  4. I'm rather confused as to why I don't have the Red Card. I mean this only makes logical sense seeing as how Target is the happiest place on earth...

  5. I love Target so much. I don't have the card but I love everything else!

  6. Target here in Australia just isn't the same!

  7. This is why I love shopping at Target. Plus you can use manufacturer coupons on top of the Target ones! The Cartwheel app is AMAZING.

  8. Thanks for the info and thanks for linking up with us