The Bahamas with Emily

Happy Friday! Right about now, I'm probably sitting by the pool on the cruise ship with an umbrella drink in hand celebrating the birthday girl and getting ready to set sail to the Bahamas. I'm so sad that Emily isn't joining us, but she will be living it up in Trinidad & Tobago over the holidays leaving all of us back here super jealous. Plus, she's been to the Bahamas a few times already and has lots of tips to share to those of us 1st timers.

Emily was one of my first friends after moving to Florida, and I love that she has joined our blogging community as well.  Hope you enjoy and hop on over and check out her blog Martinis & Bikinis :)


Happy Friday everyone! I'm Emily from over at Martinis & Bikinis

Kate's off cruising to the Bahamas so I'm guest posting for her today while she has a blast with friends & frozen cocktails in the sunny tropics!

I feel her excitement since I've been lucky enough to cruise to the Bahamas twice before so I thought I'd share my two cents on must dos/must haves and what makes it such a fun time!

Senor Frogs
As soon as you get off the ship, there's Senor Frogs waiting right there by the port for you. Who can resist? There's always a party in there, at any time of day.

Atlantis Resort
If you plan to tour Nassau, go check out the Atlantis resort. The resort is ginormous with dolphin interaction tours, a water park, and the aquarium is filled with sharks, stingrays and tons of beautiful fish.

Sands Beer
This is my absolute favorite Bahamian beer. You gotta have one while in the Bahamas.

Beaches & Beyond

A childhood friend of mine now lives in Nassau so she picked us up from the port and took us on our own little personal tour. We stopped at the Beach Club Cafe restaurant for strawberry mojitos and then walked down to the beach to lay out and take in the beautiful view. This spot is just enchanting and only a local would probably know about it.

Conch Fritters
The Bahamas has a bunch of different conch specialties that are worth trying but the conch fritters were my absolute favorite!

 Looking forward to hearing how Kate's cruise went and what she loved about the Bahamas.

It was fun ladies!

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