Cruising Essentials

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Steph and I share a big love for cruising, and I hope you enjoy reading about her cruise essentials. I agree with everything below and you can't go wrong with cruising... all your meals are included, you get to dress up and go to dinner and a show every night, and you're either relaxing at sea or waking up at a new island every day. The below will help first time cruisers and even some of us more experienced cruisers. 

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Hello all! I'm Steph from Life According to Steph, and I appreciate the opportunity to fill in for Kate while she's on vacation. Since she's on a cruise and I love cruises, I'm going to share my Cruise Essentials with you today. 

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1 - I hate clutter at home, I don't want it on vacation! Cruise rooms don't have a ton of counter space, so buy a hanging shoe organizer and bring it with you to store toiletries, batteries, chargers, etc.

2 - No one wants to deal with wet bathing suits. Most bathrooms have retractable clotheslines. You can fit more on them if you use clothespins.

3 - I know, I know, no drying clothes on the balconies. That being said, if you bring a clamp, nothing will fly away. Good for shirts or cover ups that get wet.

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4 - A fierce manicure. There will be a lot of photos.

5 - Comfortable shoes. Boats are big, so even if you're sashaying around in flip flops, make sure they're comfortable. My favorites are Sanuk Yoga Mat flip flops.

6 - A stylish yet comfortable to carry beach bag. Some excursions can mean a lot of walking. It's not fun to lug a bag that's not easy to carry.

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7 - A room with a balcony is a must for me. I'm claustrophobic and I need to be able to get outside without having to go up steps and down hallways. 

8 - Your on-board schedule. You don't want to miss out on bingo, baby. 

9 - Good reading material. A must on any vacation. 

10 - A camera to capture the gorgeousness that is the sun setting over the open sea. Your iphone isn't going to do it justice. 

Are you a cruiser? What are your cruise essentials? 

Bon voyage! 

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  1. One thing I am soooo bad at, is getting a manicure before vacation. I ALWAYS forget… lol.

    xo Mel
    turquoise blonde

  2. Melanie, I always chip them anyway so I end up bringing the polish with me!

  3. I love this! Such good tips! I never leave for a vacation without a good book.


  4. Great tips!! A good mani & pedi before vacation is a must!