Birthday Cruise Goodies

Happy Friday Eve! I'm so flingin' flangin' excited to set sail tomorrow to celebrate the birthday girl! And Roxy is all set for her "grandparents" to stay with her. I love thinking of her as house sitting... too cute!

Birthday girl's gift is all ready for her to open:

~ Wine/drink to-go cup which will be perfect for the cruise so she can take it in the pool or in the water at the beach

~ Makeup removing cloths when she's too tired after a long day of boozing in the Bahamas to remove her makeup the good ol' fashioned way

~ Girlfriend loves lip gloss so I picked up a set for her at Target *my happy place*

~ Festive soap and big giant sponge for her big soaking tub

~ Birthday crown, wand, sash, and shot glass necklace

~ And of course a big bottle of pink champagne

Perfect for the pool and the beach isn't it?

Cannot wait to be laying out looking at this beautiful water

Hope everyone has an amazing weekend! I have some fabulous ladies lined up for your reading delight, so don't miss me too much :-P


  1. I'm sitting here trying to pretend like I'm not totally jealous that you'll be sitting on that gorgeous beach!! ;) Have an umbrella drink for me!

  2. Screw calm, just go crazy! I LOVE IT! Never seem anything like that before hahahhaa, so awesome!!! =D

  3. Wow, she is going to love everything you picked out! Lucky girl....Where did you find the wine to-go cup? That's a great idea.

    Have fun on the cruise tomorrow...Can't wait to hear about!