Crockpot Apple Butter

Making apple butter made me nostalgic for helping my mom in the kitchen while she was canning in the fall. Such a delicious recipe that's perfect to use up all those apples you picked in the fall, and it goes great on homemade bread.


~ 1 dozen apples

~ 1/2 cup of water

~ 1/4 cup of brown sugar (I firmly pack it into the measuring cup)

~ 1/2 tsp. of all spice

~ 1 tsp. of cinnamon

Using an apple corer, remove the core from the apples. Then peel skins off and cut into cubes. Toss the apple cubes in the brown sugar, all spice, and cinnamon.Then pour into the crock pot and add water. Set crock pot on the low setting and leave it for several hours or overnight.

I prepared my batch before bed one night, and it was ready in the morning and the house smelled amazing!

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  1. I grew up eating apple butter - this looks so good and so simple!

  2. YUMMY! This sounds SO good and like something even I could do ;)

  3. I've never made apple butter - it looks really good and easy!

  4. Never heard of apple butter but looks really tasty. What do you eat it with?

  5. how are you in such great shape and eat all this delicious food?!