Friday Loves

As I'm still recovering from last weekend's Bahamas cruise shenanigans I'm loving that it's Friday. I definitely need to catch up on some much needed rest this weekend.

~ I'm loving that the Naked3 palette was released yesterday. I already have the original, Naked2, and Naked Basics palettes and love them all. Hopefully this beauty will be waiting for me under the Christmas tree this year :)

~ I'm loving that Meg is hosting an ornament swap such a cute idea to meet new bloggy friends and have something new and festive to put on the tree.

~ I'm loving my new sparkly coffee mug I got on the cruise last weekend

~ I'm loving my new metallic eye shadow from Sephora. You can find it here

~ I'm loving that Catching Fire is now in theaters #TeamPeeta 

~ I'm loving that we have our 1st holiday party of the season this weekend. Let the madness begin!

~ I'm loving my new festive salt and pepper shakers from Target. You can find them here

~ I'm loving my current finds on Pinterest:

What are YOU loving today?


  1. Ahh Catching Fire was SO good! I already want to go again and I just went on Wednesday haha. And I'm super jealous of your holiday party. They're much harder to throw living in tiny Manhattan apartments :(

  2. Those the outfits you picked out and those green stud earrings are gorgeous! Love them!

  3. The third outfit with all the sparkle, love! I actually bought that dress from the LC line, but I didn't love it. It fit kind of odd and was just way too short. So pretty though.

  4. Eek, Catching Fire was so good. I felt old seeing the midnight premier and struggling to stay awake with the High School kids. Jealous of your cruiz