Weekly What?

I usually don't do a post on Saturdays, but I knew I had to link up with the fabulous Jenn's new link up:

It's a fantastical idea of recapping your posts from the past week all in one spot which is a great idea for those of us who don't have enough time during the week to keep up with all the awesome blogs we follow and play catch up on the weekends. If one of your fav bloggers participates in this link up, you can catch up on all their posts from the past week in one convenient spot... genius! Thanks ladies!


Sadly, I didn't post on Sunday.. we were out gallavanting on a Sunday-Funday pub crawl since I had Monday off. Wooty woot!



I was off my game this week and skipped blogging again :(




Hop on over and link up and tell us about your week :)

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