Long Weekend Wrap-Up

Instead of the Sunday night blues this week, I've got the Monday night blues, but at least I'm looking at 4 days instead of 5!

My weekend didn't go exactly as planned... and here's why:

We went to the cocktail hour and Star Wars exhibit hosted by H's work and our table sure did some damage...

This is where I had 4 glasses of wine... yep 4. We then had fun going through the exhibit, which I wasn't sure about at first since I never got into the movies, but it was fun. We got to pose with several different items they used in the movies, ride a hovercraft powered by air, and go in a simulator where it looked like you were traveling through space.

Afterwards, we went out for a few more drinks. This is where my bad decision making skills came out to play. Remember those 4 glasses of wine I had at the cocktail hour? Well, I should have stuck with wine... but everyone else was ordering fun Pinnacle drinks so I decided to join in the fun. And this was one of those places that fills the glass with liquor and then just splashes in the mixer. 

Good times... but I sure paid for it the next morning. Boooo! Needless to say I had to reschedule my hair appointment. So, I'm stuck with this awful mop of damaged hair another week. I have no one to blame but myself and I was suffering from what I always call "self inflicted pain". 

Word to the wise... if you have more than 1 glass of wine... stick with wine for the rest of the night. Do not and I repeat do NOT switch to liquor! As yummy as some of those fun drinks are they do not equal fun later! 

Once I napped and ate greasy take out I was ready to take on the rest of my Saturday. So, we went grocery shopping to pick up snacks for our neighbors coming over later that evening for a night outside playing games by the fire pit. I made buffalo dip and tried out s'mores dip which I found on Pinterest of course! It was soooo yummy!

~ 1 cup of milk chocolate chips

~ 2 tbsp of milk

~ 1 and 1/4 cups of mini marshmallows

~ Graham crackers for dipping

In a medium sauce pan, combine all ingredients except for a 1/4 of the marshmallows and save it for the topping. Mix continuously until melted over medium heat. Scrape into a small dish and top with remaining marshmallows. Place dish in oven set on broil for approximately 60 seconds until the top has started to brown. Dip your crackers and enjoy!


We had a great night by the fire filled with laughs and good food. They even brought me a present from the Target-Neiman Marcus collaboration! 

They know how much I love baking, so they got me the cookie cutter and stamper set! Too sweet!

Sunday, was brunch and a pub crawl in celebration of not having to work on Monday. Unfortunately, not everyone was lucky enough to have today off but they all joined in the fun anyway :)

Yummy brunch filled with flavored mimosas

We did a lot of walking including through the farmers market and around the lake which was really pretty. Great day with great friends!

Today, I enjoyed sleeping in while H begrudgingly went to work but I kept myself busy around the house the rest of the day. I cleaned the bathrooms, worked out, did laundry, walked Roxy, repainted my nails, made a pot of sauce, and spruced up the house a bit.

New artwork from Target above the tv in the family room. It's currently on clearance and is now $41.99 down from the original $59.99 plus I got an extra 5% off with my red card. 

...... and we finally got a new bed set for our new king bed. So, I'm finally getting around to posting pics of our new tufted headboard. 

Tufted headboard, down comforter, and duvet cover are all from Overstock.com 

Now, we just need to paint the room and we're looking for ideas for what to do with the wall space above the bed. Any suggestions? Artwork? Blown up wedding photo? Stenciled phrase? We can't decide and would love some advice!

I'm extremely late to the game but am finally linking up with Sami for Weekend Update, hop on over and join us!


  1. What a jam-packed weekend! Sounds like a blast - other than the alcohol mixing lol. I can't do that either.

    Thanks for linking up with us :)

  2. Love the new bed set!

    I can't help ya on the artwork. We still don't have any because I STILL have no idea. haha

  3. love love love that headboard...overstock you say?

    looks like a GREAT weekend. i myself went a bit overboard on the drinks on Friday myself! yikes!

  4. ahh your weekend looked amazing - they always look like so much fun! I hope I have as much fun with my husband when I am married - you guys are soooo cute! and now I want a mimosa!!!

  5. Ha, sometimes it's nice to just let loose! Sounds like a fun wknd. I love the headboard!! I'd go for some blown up pictures and maybe make a mini-frame wall above the bed mixing in wedding pics, bully pics, an initial, etc!