January = Summer?

Growing up in Connecticut, I always knew I wanted to move down to Florida and when I met H and he wanted to as well I knew he was a keeper! This past week is a perfect example of why we moved down here. It's been perfect out... sunny and low 80's in January! This is our 3rd winter here, but January weather can get chilly sometimes and the average temp is upper 60's - low 70's. Going to the driving range to hit a bucket of balls or going to the beach is absolutely unheard of this time of year up north. So, we are taking it all in and enjoying the outdoors.

Last weekend was pretty low key which was really nice. We went to the driving range to hit a bucket of balls with H's new golf clubs and I even got to hit a few! 

Afterwards we went out for some apps and drinks YUM!

This weekend it was even more beautiful out and our friends asked us if we wanted to go to the beach so of course we said YES PLEASE! 

My "I'm so ready for the beach" outfit

First beach day of 2013 :)

We played some ladder ball, went to the tiki bar, and of course practiced safe sun! 

Ladder Ball Shenanigans 

We asked a random on the beach to take a picture of all of us playing ladder ball, and he took some pics of us but mixed in were several self portraits. He must have used the flip option on the iphone to flip the camera on himself. 


We also hit up the big Express sale that's going on right now which is an extra 40% off all their clearance items. I picked up a new dress for work which I'm excited to pair with my cognac boots and a green pencil skirt and H picked up some button downs which he looked so handsome in :)

I'll make sure to post some OOTD pics of how I styled them for work ;0)

There's also a Crate & Barrel in the mall we went to (one of my fav places! And by far our favorite registry from our wedding!) and we picked up some new rocks glasses.

These glasses can be found here.

We also picked up new bath mats at Target that go with our "beachy" theme in the master bath

They're memory foam and soooo comfy!

Also linking up with Sami for Weekend Update :) 


  1. i am VERY jealous. right now LA is, very famously, "colder than boston" no fun!

  2. We just got another cold spell after 63 degree weather on Friday! I much prefer the cold now though, since it's Winter. But that's just me. ;)

    Love the new skirt!

  3. SO jealous! I love the random self-portraits and your Express items! I may need to stop by our Express after work...

  4. I AM SO JEALOUS!!! It has been pretty nice here but NOT THAT NICE and we don't have a beach :( Jealz for sure and I love what you got at express!

  5. Ah!! Lucky! It's been cold in LA! I'm jealous of your amazing weekend! Thanks for linking up with us for Weekend Update :)

  6. Can't believe you have been at the beach already! Gotta love Florida! :-)

    Jayme & Mendi @ Her Late Night Cravings

  7. usually ca is pretty warm, but it has been FREEZING this last week!