It's OK Thursday

Happy Friday-Eve! Linkin' up with Amber and Neely for It's OK Thursday.....

It's OK that.....

~ I still haven't called to make an appointment with the oral surgeon to get my bad toofer extracted. Totally procrastinating that one...

~ I have never tried the McRib and have absolutely no desire to. I know there are some strong lovers of that sammich out there but I just can't bring myself to try it. Puh-tooey!

~ I haven't been eating cleaner this week. I was doing so well the past few weeks, but totally forgot to pick up the fruits and veggies that I can eat at the grocery store this week. Bad habits die hard :-P

~ I watch WAY too much tv on Monday nights... my DVR is on mega-overload! How I Met Your Mother... 2 Broke Girls... The Carrie Diaries... The Bachelor.. Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

~ I got a pedicure last night but was upset that my regular guy is on vacation. My neighbor referred me to him last summer when the nail spa I used to go to dropped wax in my hair while getting my eyebrows waxed.. yep that happened! I've been going to him ever since and am so upset he's away for a month! How dare he?! 0:-)

~ I'm highly annoyed that How I Met Your Mother was picked up for another season. Looooved the show for the first several seasons, but it's been draaaaaaagging lately and we just want to meet the mother already! We were supposed to be put out of our misery at the end of this season, now we have a whole 'nother season to struggle through. 

Oh Barney how I love you! But your hilariousness can only cancel out Ted's annoying-ness for so long!

~ I have absolutely ZERO desire to watch American Idol this season. Haven't watched it in years and they sealed their fate by hiring Nicki Minaj.

~ We're totally going to a convention tomorrow sponsored by H's work for the free booze and apps. We like to keep it classy!

What's OK in your life today?


  1. I agree with you on American idol! I watched it religiously for the past couple seasons and I didn't even have desire to turn it on for a minute. Hope they realize they are coming to an end with these crappy judges they put on.

  2. I only watch the try outs for Idol, but never the show. So when I tuned in Wednesday to watch it, I had to stop because I could not stand Mariah and Nicki. Gag.

    And I've never tried the McRib either. No thank you!