My Love/Hate Relationship with January

January can be such a blahhh time of year.. the holidays are over, it's cold outside, the days are super short, blah blah blah!

As you all know, the H and I are not fans of the cold weather which is why we moved south but believe it or not it does get chilly here. I say this as I'm blogging in my flannel pajama bottoms, warm slippers, and snuggled under a comfy throw blanket with Roxy. When it's like this I really miss the longer days and being at the beach or by the pool.

My hate relationship with this time of year:

~ It's dark out when I get up and almost dark when I get home... so depressing

~ My wardrobe consists of just pants... so boring! Where are the sundresses, skirts, capris, shorts, etc..?

~ Everyone's wearing dark drab colors... don't be afraid to be bright this time of year. Go for bold colors that'll pop this time of year. Think emerald green or a dark red... or get a bright colored coat or scarf to add a little pizazz.

~ The holidays are over... no more parties to look forward to or special projects or baking

~ Weekends no longer consist of going to the beach or laying by the pool

~ Taking down the Christmas tree and all the Christmas decor... everything looks nekked!

My love relationship with this time of year:

~ Nights by the fire pit

~ No bugs! We still haven't gotten our pool put in so no screen enclosure when sitting outside on our patio. In the summer the bugs are horrendous!

~ The holidays are over! Yes I love and hate that they're over. My eating and drinking habits are back to normal and our lives are able to fall back into a routine.

~ Outside happy hours without sweating

~ Roxy can go on longer walks without pooping out from the heat.. poor doggy! She can't help that she's fat and squishy!

LOVE her!

~ Driving with the windows down and/or the moonroof open! 

~ Much lower electric bill! When we lived in CT our bill skyrocketed in the winter due to running our heat constantly, but down here this is the time of year when we don't run the AC (most of the time) and can open the windows. It's marvelous! 

~ Red wine... I don't know why but I love red wine this time of year but can't stomach the thought of it when it's warmer out. Skinny margaritas for this chica please! 

~ I can finally break out my boots without sweating just thinking about wearing them. 

What do you love/hate about this time of year?


  1. i agree with you about red wine this time of year!! and no bugs. but so ready for summer and fun outfits!

  2. Atleast you are missing out on New Englands awful cold right now :( It's single digits but feels like -10 in most areas. Awful! But I definitely agree about no bugs, ugh I hate bugs in the summer!

  3. So looking forward to summer too!

    Your newest follower,



  4. I agree, January can be a drag with the cold weather, this week especially. I'm looking forward to summer & some fun beach days!

  5. I am a January babe & I STILL despise this time of year! My legs are overly pale and I feel like I look like a marshmallow in all of my layers!! I am in need of some warmer weather before I go crazy!!

  6. I LOVE this post. It perfectly describes how I've been feeling lately. I have such a love/hate with January. I HATE that it's dark out when I get home from work (though it's starting to stay lighter later already which I LOVE) and I'm sick of the cold! It's so depressing to me that when NYE is over it's such a loooooong stretch between another paid holiday haha!

    I miss Florida in January- I really do! Fire pits& outdoor happy hours- miss them so much! But I do love being able to wear boots and being able to hide those extra holiday pounds under a sweater ;)

    Love the post my friend! :)