It's OK Thursday

Happy Friday Eve! Yesterday felt like Monday, but I'm not complaining that we're already at Thursday, whoo hoo! Linkin' up with Amber and Neely for It's OK Thursday.

It's OK that.....

~ I already requested the day after the super bowl and July 5th off.. yep planning ahead for once this year! July 4th falls on a Thursday this year... so do yourself a favor and request the 5th off and make yourself a nice little 4 day weekend instead of having a day off, going back in for a day, and then it's the weekend. Thank me later!

~ I was so pumped to start off the new year, and yesterday my tooth cracked and it was only January 2nd! I had a root canal back in 2000 and now the tooth has reopened. Will find out how much this will cost/hurt me at the dentist this afternoon. Gosh I hope it's a quick repair and not thousands of dollars in dental work. This chica doesn't have that kind of cash!


~ I'm upset my NYE manicure is already chipping booooo!

~ It was awkward-funny watching "Hope Springs" last night... super cute movie! Love Meryl Streep!

~ I'm depressed that we starting taking down the Christmas decorations. The house always looks so naked for a while after :(

~ I still am and probably always will be scared of the dark :-P

What's OK in your life today?


  1. Yuck! Good luck at the dentist!

    We are almost done taking our Christmas stuff down, and as much as I am obsessed with Christmas, I'm ready for things to be back to normal I think. My birthday is July 4th, so that's good info to know that it could morph into a four day weekend! Whoop! Whoop!

    Happy Thursday ... found you from the link up!

  2. Yikes about your tooth! Hope it isn't too much!

    We're planning on taking all our Christmas decor down this weekend. It'll feel so much more open, which I'm looking forward to. But I'm sad it's over!

  3. Thank you for the July 5th heads up .. I have not looked that far ahead yet.

  4. Sending good vibes your way for a non-traumatizing dental visit! I have wanted to see "Hope Springs" and then eventually forgot about it because I couldn't convince the Hubby into it, but now I want to see it again! Thanks for the heads up on the July 4th (request off the 5th) and make yourself a 4-day weekend deal (will have to enlighten my Hubby of this)!

  5. that is so smart to be taking those days off! I don't know what my life will be come July since I will hopefully be heading to grad school in August so I don't know if I will still be working! I am looking forward to more days off once in school! haha. Hope your trip to the dentist isn't TOO painful!!