I Officially Watch Too Much TV

You know that embarrassed feeling you get when you realize your DVR is completely overloaded with mindless tv that you just have to watch? Yep... that's me! And what makes it worse is 95% of it is on Monday nights creating scheduling conflicts with my DVR. I can't stand our cable provider and soooo wish AT&T Uverse was available in our neighborhood. I miss it so much!

H showed me tonight that both Smash and 2 Broke Girls won't record this upcoming Monday since I have too many other shows set too record. #FirstWorldProblems

My Monday night line up:

Can we just meet the freakin' mother already!? Gahhh!

The Bachelor takes up 2 long hours on my DVR... dang that show and all it's addictive craziness!

Such a trainwreck but I can't stop watching for some reason..

Oh Lisa how I love how fabulous you and your accent are! 

Can.not.freakin'.wait for this to begin again... buuuuut my DVR begs to differ

So sad that Larry Hagman passed, but he will be on most of this season!

It's a good thing Gossip Girl finally ended and Hart of Dixie moved to Tuesday nights... it takes me all week to catch up on my Monday night tv! 

I read the book "The Carrie Diaries" and was hoping to watch the new tv series, but just guess when it's on?! Yep..  Monday nights. I then planned on watching it online but haven't had the time. I have a problem... 

Anyone else need to go to a tv anonymous group like me?


  1. Why is it always like that!?! We used to have dvr but don't since we moved, so it makes it way hard to commit to drama shows, so Mondays I stick with bachelor... but i could catch up on it in half the time on dvr which I miss!

    I'm a new follower :)

    {love jenny xoxo}

  2. I miss AT&T too!!! I think we're going to see if they're in our area yet or maybe getting Google.

    I love 2 Broke Girls, so funny! Ryan likes it too. lol