Going Back to Essie

First off, I want to say a huge THANK YOU to all my wonderful followers! I finally hit 50 over the weekend, which means it's time for me to organize my giveaway.

This weekend went by pretty quickly, yesterday we went on a pub crawl for a friend's birthday and I wore a top from VS with my Gap skinnies. I also wore a black cardigan over it, because I got chilly like 5 minutes into the evening since the AC was up so high. Brrrrr!

I still need to work on smiling while taking these pics, I always look so mad! 

I also painted my nails with my new Sephora by OPI set

I cashed in my 500 point reward with my last Sephora purchase and got this set which includes a base coat, a new polish, a top coat, and polish remover. 

I've been loving a lot of Essie's new colors and would like to purchase: 

"As Gold as it Gets" (continuing my current obsession with anything gold and/or sparkly)

"A Cut Above"

Loving "Go Overboard"

"Trophy Wife"

Such pretty colors! I've been wearing so much Sephora by OPI and Muppets by OPI lately, I've been missing out on all the purrty-ness from Essie! 

Hope everyone had a fantabulous weekend!


  1. Love that pink sparkly one from Essie. I'm also still in the sparkly phase. I painted my nails pink but added a sparkly pink to put on top of it. :)

  2. That pink sparkle is amazing! It would give any outfit a touch of sparkle!

  3. This is totally random; but it looks like your counter is black granite like ours! How do you keep yours clean? I feel like every time I look at ours it looks dirty or dusty!

  4. Yes, we chose black granite for the master bath I think it's called Ooba Tooba. I usually use an all purpose granite cleaner by Pledge on it, but sometimes cheat and use a regular disinfectant on it like Lysol or Fantastik.