Thank You

I just wanted to stop for a second and thank all my wonderful followers. I started this blog almost 2 years ago while I was in the midst of wedding planning, and due to all the craziness I only posted a few times and had a long draught until I came back into blogging full time last February. I think I was around 8 followers at that point (if that!) and now I'm at 46. I'm excited to watch that number grow, as I grow as a blogger.

A lot of the wonderful blogs I follow have done giveaways as they reach a certain milestone in followers, and I always thought in the back of my mind that it'd be a great idea to do a giveaway once I reached 50 followers. That felt so far away only a few months ago, and now here I am only 4 away!

I have big plans for 2012 including a re-vamp of my blog where I'll be getting it re-designed. An overhaul is very much needed and will hopefully point me in the right direction to gain more readers.

Check back soon, as I'll be posting my giveaway once I reach 50 followers. Yipee!


  1. Love your blog! Would love it if you could stop by my blog today and tell me what you think of my latest post! Follow me, I follow you?!


  2. Can't wait for the revamp. I'm sure it's going to be fabulous. thanks for another wonderful post, love. xo

  3. Thanks ladies! :0)

    Caitlin ~ I stopped by your blog, but please forgive me, I can't figure out how to follow you since you use a different format. Can you please point the technology challenged in the right direction?

    Lovely blog btw ;0)