What I'm Loving Wednesday

I completely forgot it was Wednesday until I saw some of the other bloggers post their WILW :-P

Time for my Wednesday link up with This Kind of Love

I'm loving all the time off I've had lately from work, but at the same time dreading that it's back to reality and full work weeks from here on out.

I'm loving that even though I didn't meet my New Years goal for weight loss, that I have lost enough weight to start feeling better about myself. I had a goal of about 15 lbs. by New Years, and I lost 10. I noticed a lot of my pants weren't as constricting and even feeling a little loose. Yay!

I'm loving that there's a very special suprise being sent to my grandfather that he should receive any day now! He's been pretty depressed with his limited lifestyle, and the only thing that lights up his eyes is his family and talking about the Yankees. So, I was talking to a retireed Yankee on Twitter who has 3 world series rings, and told him my grandfather's story and he sent my grandfather an authograph! Can't wait to hear his reaction!

(not the actual autograph)

I'm loving that it's supposed to warm back up again. It's been so COLD even here in FL. We didn't move here to be this cold! Haha... but the nice thing is that even when it gets this cold here, it only lasts a few days. We'll be seeing the 70's again by the weekend :-D

I'm loving my latest Pinterest finds

I'm always loving my H <3


  1. Great job on your weight loss!!!

  2. Congrats on the weight loss! :)

    I didn't make my goal either, but that doesn't mean I'm gonna stop trying!

  3. Thanks ladies!

    Great attitude Kristen! I won't stop trying either :0)

  4. visiting from the link up.

    i love that the retired yankee is sending your grandfather an autograph! how sweet!

  5. He got the baseball last night, and my mom took a picture of him holding it. He was so surprised and so happy. My parents said he couldn't stop smiling. I'm so glad I was able to brighten his day :0)