Happy MLK Day!

This is the first job I've had that actually gives their employee's MLK Day off and I thoroughly enjoyed it! It's very important though for us all to remember why we have the day off, and I'm very thankful that I was raised in a home where I never looked at others different due to the color of their skin. I'm so glad for how far our country has come the past few decades.

H unfortunately, didn't have the day off. So there was some griping this morning when he had to get up about how unfair it was that I got to stay in bed and not go to work today. But, then I quickly reminded him how I get up every day while he gets to sleep in as I leave the house to go to work before he even gets up! Now THAT is unfair! :-P

I had a productive day off, I worked out, cleaned the bathrooms, cleaned the kitchen, baked a cake, and took Roxy for a nice walk. I also finally de-cluttered my vanity area, and hope I can continue to cut back on more of the clutter and keep it that way.

I also cleaned my makeup brushes which I've been majorly slacking on the past several weeks. I use this cleaner from Sephora and it even smells pretty! 

Now.. onto my organization take-over of our master bathroom. I had done this a few months ago, but then before you know it, Target and Sephora have exploded all over my vanity.

This is a before pic of my vanity:

Before pic of H's vanity:

His wasn't too bad, but it definitely needed to be cleaned.

Before pic of the linen closet:

I pride myself in channeling my inner Monica Geller so something HAD to be done! So, I when we were at Target the other day, I finally picked up a mini-set of drawers to put in the linen closet to help organize my nail polishes and various samples from Sephora and soaps, etc..

Now the linen closet looks like this:

Still not perfect, but much better!

H's vanity now looks like this:

I cleaned the sink area and stored away his clippers and shaving stuff underneath the sink.

My vanity now looks like this:

I got rid of some old perfumes, organized my makeup better, and stored my clarisonic and face washes under the sink. I also moved some random products to the linen closet to help maximize the space. It still is a bit too cluttered for my taste, but it's much better and I can live with this for now. 

I also set up H's new bedside lamp we picked up at Target on clearance. Originally $20, and we got it for $10. 

I also baked a fabulous pistachio cake this afternoon and it is DE-LI-CIOUS!

In a mixing bowl combine 1 box of yellow or white cake mix, 2 packages of pistachio pudding, 1 cup of water, 3/4 cup of vegetable oil, and 4 eggs. Then add to a greased and floured bundt or a cake pan and bake at 350 degrees for about 45-50 minutes. Very simple and oh so yummy! 

Neither H or I like nuts, so I sifted out the nuts in the pistachio pudding mix before adding the pudding mix to the batter. 

For frosting you can make your own using 1 cup of powdered sugar, 1 tbsp of melted margarine or butter, and 2 tbsp. of milk and drizzle on top of the cake. 


  1. A little organization makes a big difference! :)

    And thanks for the advice on the bath rugs, I appreciate it! I had no clue. haha

  2. great post, love. thanks so much for sharing. if you get a moment, I'd love to hear your thoughts on my latest. xo


  3. Haha, I love it- you channeled your inner Monica Gellar ;)

    <3-Cami from First Day of My Life