Disney + Giant Mimosas

Another successful surprise weekend has come and gone and left me with nothing short of exhaustion. Monday please speed up and move out of the way please and thank you.

I picked up H's best friend at the airport on Thursday, and we had to resort to "Plan B" to surprise H as he beat us home. I caught the surprise on video, but it's terrible quality... boo! But epic surprise #2 was a success. He was totally shocked and his reaction was priceless.

Thursday night, we fired up the grill and the fire pit and enjoyed being outside as much as we could considering how ridiculously cold it's been in FL lately. Not cool mother nature.. not cool!

Friday, we made our way to Disney World. Animal Kingdom was our first stop (if you've never been make sure this is the 1st park you hit up next time you're in O-Town. The safari is incredible and you actually feel like you're in Africa for a bit. And their Expedition Everest roller coaster is nothing short of amazingness.) and then we headed over to Magic Kingdom.

We were hoping to get over to Epcot for some drinks around the world, but our feet were killing us and we were all exhausted. So some Mexican food and margaritas were on the to-do list. YUM!

Saturday, we went to lunch at a place with an all day happy hour on Saturdays and then enjoyed some more beers at World of Beer. Fruity pebbles beer shots are always on the agenda and so are Target grocery runs with 2 "children". 

Sunday morning, we said goodbye *tear* as H brought him back to the airport and I slept off the previous day's escapades before getting ready to meet up with friends for brunch. Emily and I made brunch plans before she left for Vegas and what was originally going to be just us and our husbands turned into a group of 12. There's always enough room for good friends and giant mimosas.

Perfect end to a fantastic weekend :)


  1. How fun, Kate!!! I want to go to Disney sooo bad. I have a free ticket but hubby says he is all Disneyed out from when he was a kid and doesn't want to go back until we have kids. I say LAME!!

  2. im so jealous!!!! this looks like so much fun!

  3. Disney is so fun, isn't it?! I always loved the shows there too. Looks like an amazing weekend!

  4. Sounds like my idea of a perfect weekend! Your Disney pics are getting me sooo excited for JUNE! Can't come soon enough!

  5. Looks like a super fun and busy weekend! No wonder you were so exhausted yesterday lol. I didn't do half of this stuff and was feeling just as pooped.

  6. Mmm. You had me a giant mimosas!

  7. That margarita looks amazing! Glad you had a great time down in Florida!

  8. What a fun surprise for your husband. Your mimosa brunch group looks like a blast! I hope I get to see you wearing your new Express jeans in one of your upcoming posts! -Gina
    On the Daily Express

  9. I've been to Animal Kingdom and it was my favorite! I also loved the safari ride and seeing the Lion towards the end was a bit surreal. I didn't have enough time to visit all the parks when I went but I do remember going to Epcot and Magic Kingdom but it was very brief. I need to go back there again!!

    Thanks for linkin' up with us :)

  10. Animal Kingdom is one of my favorites in Disney! All that food and those drinks look delish ;)

  11. Sounds like you had a blast! I'm jealous you got to visit Disney. :P
    Animal Kingdom is by far one of my favorites too. c:
    It's funny, poor epcot is always saved for last. XD


  12. that marg!!!!

    Love the ears and I wish I had a fire pit! I always tell my friend lindsey who has a backyard that she needs to build one stat.

    What a fab weekend :)

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