Travel Plans?

Traveling is hands down my favorite hobby... I would much rather go see new countries and amazing places around the world instead of having the newest electronics or those beautiful red soled shoes I've been lusting after since forever. H and I always make sure we have something in the works so we have a trip to look forward to. It honestly gives you something to wake up and go to work for every day knowing that you're getting closer and closer to that next vacay.

So when Lisa and Kristen asked what everyone's travel plans are for 2014 for today's Inspire Challenge I was excited to join in the fun.

We keep saying we need to go on one more big trip before TTC... last year it was we'll wait until after Punta Cana then it was waiting until after our friend's 30th b-day cruise. Now, we're hoping to fulfill our dream of finally crossing the pond and country hopping a bit in Europe.

The problem is we can't decide between flying into London and taking in the city for several days before taking the chunnel to Paris. I would also like to add Amsterdam to that trip, but H seems to think it would be too much. Ughh... men....

... or do a Mediterranean cruise out of Barcelona. Thankfully, cruising in the Mediterranean is in the same price range as cruising the Caribbean. The difference is the cost of the flight to cross the pond instead of a short flight to San Juan or a short drive to a cruise port here in FL. We're prepared for the extra costs, but can't decide between a fabulous cruise that'll stop in several countries to get a taste of them or really diving into London and Paris by site seeing ourselves over the course of several days.

We're looking at the Norwegian Epic which would stop in Italy, France, and Spain's Balearic Islands.

How pretty are the balcony staterooms? My biggest advice when booking a cruise is to always book a balcony room. It's definitely worth the extra $$ and you will enjoy having the extra space, natural sunlight, and your own private balcony to enjoy room service breakfast (which is always free) or drinks before dinner on. Plus, waking up to views of Italy and France from our stateroom would be magical.

We're also hoping to spend a weekend in Chicago or Denver to catch either a Cubs or Rockies game. We need to cash in a voucher on Jet Blue by this summer or we lose it. Eating my way through deep dish pizza in Chicago or drinking our way through breweries in Denver sounds like the perfect way to spend a weekend :)


What would you pick?

~ In the spring: London & Paris or Mediterranean cruise?

~ In the summer: Chicago or Denver?


  1. I would so pick the cruise! Just because I've never been and the fact that you get to visit three countries in one trip is amazing to me! I will definitely go with a room with a balcony :)

    I have never been to either Chitown or Denver, but I would have to go with Chicago because it seems more appealing to me. I hear there are many hot Latin men there so I wanna see what they're talking about LOL.

  2. I would pick Paris/London over a cruise since you've done the cruise thing. Besides, if I ever went to Europe, Paris/London would be top contenders. Besides those two places and Italy, that's all I would HAVE to see. Ya know?

    I am a HUGE Chicago lover, so you know I would definitely pick there! ;) But Denver is a great city to visit too, and I love it there almost as much. Plus going there in the summer is best so you can go visit the mountains! I have recs for both for whichever you chose to visit. ;)

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  4. London Travel ,New to all of this thank you for the info!

  5. Europe! Definitely! All these pics are gorgeous!!

  6. oh man cruises are my favorite! I get so excited and antsy thinking about them!! When are you planning on traveling?

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  7. CHICAGO! I have no opinions on Europe, but Chicago I can hard sell!

  8. Oh man that's a big toss up! All the options sound amazing. I think I would definitely go for the cruise since it's usually an all-inclusive deal and don't have to worry about planning too much of the trip. Essentially it will prob be more relaxing than hopping around Europe by bus, train etc.

  9. A London/Paris trip is like my dream so that is my vote! And obviously I say Chicago for the summer ;)

  10. Even though I would love to see Paris/London...I would have to say a cruise. Its convenient because you don't really have to worry about transportation, food and places to stay because its all done for you! And I would go to Chicago for sure! Been to both but Chicago is my favorite because there is so much to do there! (plus yummy food!)

  11. I've always wanted to go on a Mediterranean cruise, so I say that! And, def Chicago! Another city I've always wanted to visit. :)

    And, I have to say, you guys are so smart for traveling so much before having kids! I WISH we did that.

  12. I work in the cruise industry, and balcony cabins are, by far, where you get the best deals! Most of our cruise lines offer onboard spending and upgrades for doing so, too :)