Planning for an unplanned weekend

Happy Friday! After the craziness of last weekend I'm looking forward to a quiet weekend... all I want is to sleep in, enjoy home cooked breakfast on the patio, watch copious amounts of Netflix, and indulge in some junk food and wine. I was also thinking about baking a new recipe... cozy weekend indeed.

Even though I'm heading into a fabulous plan-free weekend, I'm excited that I received my planner from ninjandninj that I won from Kym's b-day giveaway.

Make Time Not Excuses ~ well said!

I especially love the pearly finish on the cover... so pretty!

Already filling up the pages, and I love that there's a notes section where I can jot down ideas for future blog posts.

It's not too late to order your 2014 planner, and you won't be disappointed with a planner from ninjandninjj head on over and check out their fabulous Etsy shop


  1. Yay for a relaxing weekend! I really like that planner, I will definitely keep it into consideration for next year! There are so many awesome options from Etsy. Happy Friday :)

  2. Cute planner! I would literally get nothing done if it wasn't for reminders in my planner.

    Cheers to a relaxing weekend! I plan to do the same although the planner has a list of things for me to get done around the house. I have a feeling wine will also be in the picture to make the "chores" more fun! lol

  3. Planners = the best. :) Hope you enjoy your relaxing weekend!

  4. I just bought a planner the other day...hopefully it will help me keep my life in check! Have a great weekend!

  5. i have got to get my act together and start planning out my blog a little better. i'm all over the map and have about 20 notes in my phone. guh. thanks for the inspiration! i saw you on erin's blog as a sponsor. i am too! showing some sponsor love! new reader!