It's a surpreeze!

Since we moved down to Florida 3 and 1/2 years ago, we've had a lot of friends and family from Connecticut come to visit us. But H's best friend is the one who has come to visit us the most including the 1st time he visited being a total surprise. He came again the following summer, but wanted to make it a surprise again this time around.

I picked him up from the airport yesterday afternoon and H had absolutely no idea. Classic! The best part of these surprises is his grand entrance that totally catches H off guard.

I'll share all surprise details on Monday in my weekend recap because for now we're off to Disney World for the day. A little safari at Animal Kingdom and some drinks around the world at Epcot are on the agenda.

Can you feel the love?

I'm sure I'll be hearing spontaneous free styling this weekend....

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Happy Friday! 


  1. I love that he surprises your husband, that's so sweet! Have a fun weekend together!!

  2. Drinking around the world at Disney is on my lifetime bucket list lol. Post pics!

  3. I am jealous that you spend the whole day @ Disney!
    I miss that place..
    Hope you all enjoyed it to the fullest..