Weekend Pool & BBQ Shenanigans

I'm starting to wonder if we'll ever have a quiet weekend, not that I'm complaining about all the fun, but this girl could use a well-needed restful weekend and I'm hoping to get just that this coming weekend :)

Friday, H and I had a date night. We had some beers, bruschetta YUM, and New York style pizza with prosciutto and fresh garlic. Afterwards, we did some shopping for the house and picked up some fall decor and some more things for our master bedroom makeover. Then we went for a night swim when we got home which is my fav!

Saturday, I worked out and made a nice breakfast that we enjoyed on the patio. We floated around the pool with some beverages before we headed over to a friend's house for a bbq/pool party. We stayed true to our word to each other that we wouldn't stay out too late, so we came home and went for another night swim. Awesomeness.

Sunday was relaxing, I made white chocolate chip pancakes and did a lot of cleaning. H's dad came over to watch football since he's a Cowboys fan and his team was playing H's Chiefs. Great game! Chiefs won by a point, and we were all left in wonderment as to how Tony Romo landed such a huge contract....

~ Much needed beers Friday at dinner

~ Delicious bruschetta 

~ Great pizza is hard to find in FL but this place was great!

~ Night swim

~ Breakfast on the patio

~ Beer bread I baked for the BBQ/pool party

~ Enjoying some more pool time at the BBQ

~ Shots are always a necessity

~ Roxy on "her lounger"

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  1. White chocolate chip pancakes?!?! YUM! I could definitely do a couple of those right now ;)

  2. Ohhhhh my gosh. All that food looks to die for. Especially the brushetta. My FAV!! =)

  3. omg now i have a crazing for pancakes!!

  4. White chocolate chip pancakes!!! Gimme some!! :) Glad you guys had a busy, but relaxing weekend!

  5. The bruschetta and pizza look delicious! Where did you go?

  6. Love the weekend in photos! It sounds & looks as though you had a great weekend :)

  7. so jealous of your pool and neighborhood parties! it must be so fun to live in a neighborhood with that many young, fun people!

  8. My husband was so excited that the Chiefs won. I could care less. ;)