Shenanigans Catch Up

Life has been crazy lately to say the least... I'm doing better than I was a week ago, but I definitely still have my weepy moments. Plus I came down with a nasty head and chest cold a few days ago which isn't making positive thoughts any easier :-P

I'm trying to get back to a normal "routine" but I feel weird trying to move on and keep going. H told me I need to just let myself continue to grieve instead of trying to keep myself busy all the time to keep my mind off things. So, I've been trying to relax some more especially with being sick this past weekend blahhh.. I missed out on our friend's cousin performing at City Walk last week and this weekend missed a b-day celebration at the beach. I need time to get over this nasty cold and I'm still struggling with trying to move on.

Now it's time to play catch up of the last 2 weeks :)

~ H won several rounds of corn hole at our neighbor's BBQ last week

~ Bottomless mimosas at brunch

~ Food and mimosa overload.. but we enjoyed every bite and sip :)

~ Neighborhood fellas

~ Me and H looking summery

~ Real Housewives of Orange County 100th episode special on the plane... LOVE Jet Blue!

~ Champagne and chocolate goodness while we watched our wedding video on our anniversary

~ DELISH pulled chicken salad at Smokey Bones for lunch on Saturday before running errands. We had a $20 credit on our Smokey Bones points card, plus H had a coupon for 1/2 off any burger. With drinks and food our bill was only $7 yes please!

~ Pretty flowers to cheer me up and menthol throat spray that hasn't left my side for days.

I took advantage of the $8 sundress sale at ON last weekend, and picked up some cute sundresses that are super comfy. 

I also picked up these sandals at Target *my happy place* which are on sale for only $20.98

Sunday, we worked on the house a little bit and finally put the window film in the panels on the sides of our front door. We didn't like how you can see right in with zero privacy and seriously considered replacing the glass until several of our neighbors showed us that they just applied window film that looks like glass on theirs which is MUCH cheaper. 



Next up on the list is more painting :)

Linkin' up with Sami for Weekend Shenanigans, hop on over and share your weekend with us :)


  1. I love Old Navy's dresses. I have bought a few myself because they are relatively inexpensive, cute, and comfy.

  2. I have those exact sandals!!! I love them!


  3. girl you have been busy busy! love the door!

  4. I love Old Navy!!! Bottom less Mimosas & a 7 dollar meal, that is my kinda weekend!!!

    I am glad you are doing better, let me know if you ever wannna chat!!!

  5. The striped dress looks great on you; so tiny! Glad to hear you're doing better and hope that it continues to go that way!

  6. Amazing pics, dear! So great:)

  7. We have one side window beside our door. But I honestly like having it open like it is so we can see who is outside when someone comes to the door. Plus Sammy loves it too. ;)