What I did on my week off

I have some very exciting news to share... I finally got a new job!!!! I'm so excited yet so nervous. Some of you know of my struggles and were super supportive of me trying to move on. Thank you so much!! :)

I was fortunate enough to have enough vacation time built up at my old job that I was able to take a week off inbetween jobs which is truly refreshing. I usually jump right into my new job which is exhausting and makes it harder to change gears.

What wasn't surprising to me at all was how fast my week off flew by...

I've never taken a week off to just stay at home and get stuff done, it's always because we're going on vacation. So, it was nice to have a week off at home to get things done around the house and go to a bunch of appointments.

~ Finishing up painting the stairs

~ Went to the dentist

~ Went to the eye doctor

~ All foiled up for my highlights

~ Went blonde again

~ Top of my head

~ Went for a pedicure with my favorite manicurist

~ OPI's Louvre Me Louvre Me Not with Divine Swine (from OPI's Muppet collection) on the big toe

~ Dinner with margs *my fav*

I also was very diligent about getting to the gym, cooking nice dinners for H to be ready when he got home from work, and I even plan on baking something yummy this afternoon. I'm no stepford wife, but I gave it a whirl this week and definitely enjoyed it. 


  1. Yay for weeks off!!


  2. congrats on your new job! and i got my hair done yesterday too...your blonde looks fab!!

  3. Congrats on the job! Your hair looks great! It makes me want more blonde!

  4. EEE the dentist thing freaks me out, did it hurt?
    Got you from Whitney's blog, woot! ;D

    Areeba @ Aree With Umbrella

  5. I didn't know about the job situation! Congrats on the new job though!!!

  6. There is nothing like having a little time off to really get stuff done! It feels so good :)
    Best of luck with your new job!