Sephora Goodies

I'm not one to make resolutions, but this year I promised myself that I wouldn't shop at Sephora so much. My spending there got a little out of hand the past couple of years so I decided to scale back and use the money towards stuff around the house and our favorite passion which is travel.

So far I've done great, I'm unfortunately no where near renewing my VIB status for next year, and I have to keep telling myself that's ok. I've only been ordering or picking up items that I need to restock instead of feeling like I have to try out all the new hot items.

The other day I ran out of foundation, so I went to Sephora on my lunch break to pick up a new one. I ended up getting the same shade I always get, but I got the mattifiying compact since I have such oily skin especially in the summer. Hope it helps!

When I got to the register I saw that the 500 point reward was an Urban Decay kit with an eyeliner, primer potion *my fav UD product EVER*, and makeup setting spray. This was HUGE since I am almost out of both my primer potion and the setting spray. I was excited to say the least to cash in 500 points for this kit.


  1. looks like some great finds!! I really want to shop at sephora but i am so broke... blahh!

  2. I can never make it to 500 points. I always get distracted and treat myself to the 100 point gifts. I need to hold out though, because this kit looks AWESOME!

  3. I am over 500 points, I wonder if that's in my store!

  4. Oh, Sephora...I love it so much...but like you I've been trying to STOP spending so much there. I was so proud of myself when I went in for my birthday gift in June and didn't spend a dime! I got my birthday gift, turned in a voucher for a free full size Marc Jacobs Daisy & got my bonus points freebie! I was SO excited, too because they didn't have any of the 100 point gifts that I liked so she gave me a different (and much better!) sample of mascara and eyelash primer. I haven't let myself go back yet, though. I'm like a kid in a candy store when it comes to that place!

  5. That's a great 500 reward! Too bad the eye primer is in the bottle and not the squeezable tube!

  6. I could spend HOURS in Sephora.. so much fun stuff to play with! Luckily my beauty budget isn't anywhere close to my clothing otherwise I'd be swimming in product! :)
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