Weekend Shopping Shenanigans

August is going to be a crazy busy month so I've been enjoying lower key weekends and lots of shopping :)

Next weekend will bring on some downtown fun and lazy river shenanigans, can't wait!

~ New doggy treat jar for Roxy

~ Orange cinnamon rolls for breakfast Saturday morning

~ Breakfast on the patio.. a weekend favorite

~ Someone is waiting for a bite

~ She finally got a piece, but was teased first by H of course

~ Tried on the Merona Shirt Dress which was on sale at Target for only $15 (ended up buying it in blue). I'm thinking it'll be cute for work.

~ Caaaaaaanonball!

~ Picked up a new top and skirt at the Banana Republic outlet

~ New flippies from Kohls

~ Went for drinks with Emily and K before heading to the outlets

~ We mowed the lawn and cleaned the pool at H's parent's new house for the last time since they'll be officially moving down from CT this week. Yay!

~ Love ducks!

~ OOTD for drinks and shopping with my new flippies

~ Lazy Sunday-Funday in the pool with the bobber full of beer. No need to get up to get another one... perfection!

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  1. Looks like a great weekend!! Yay for H's parents moving down! Oh, and one of the top things I miss about Orlando is the outlets being so, so close! Loved being able to go anytime!

  2. H's parents are skipping out on CT too...I don't blame them haha

  3. Love the new flip flops! Your in-laws pool looks huge..do they have a jacuzzi too?