Dressing for a new job

Now that I've started my new job, I've had to get used to a more lax dress code. I was used to a business casual/business professional environment and now I'm working somewhere where attire ranges from business casual to shorts and t-shirts.. I kid you not! It's great to see people more relaxed as a whole at my new company.

I've definitely toned down my work wardrobe a bit, but not all the way. Some days are more casual than they were at my last job, but other days I still wear outfits I would have worn before. I like the freedom to dress more comfortable/casual, but I'm not going to just stop wearing some of my business casual outfits and I'll mix some of those pieces in with more casual pieces as well.

Dress and shoes are from Target | Necklace is Tiffany & Co.| Watch is Michael Kors

Top is from Kohls | Skirt is ON | Necklace is F21 | Watch is Michael Kors

Top and Skirt are new from Banana Republic | Necklace and shoes are from Kohls

Top is from Target | Capris are from ON | Necklace is F21 | Sandals are Body Central

Top is ON | Skirt is A&F | Necklace is F21 | Wedges are from Target

Top is Express | Skirt and Necklace are F21 | Heels are from Target

Dress and wedges are from Victorias Secret | Necklace is F21

Top and pants are from Express | Necklace is from Kohls | Heels are from Target

Top is from Kohls | Skirt is from Express | Sandals are from Victorias Secret


  1. Lovely outfits, they look great on you! Must be pretty awesome to work somewhere where you can dress casual, I bet it's so much more relaxing!

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  2. So inlove with the green tank and grey skirt!!!!

  3. I wish I didn't work in scrubs, because I'd love to be able to dress up a little for work. But, I try to make up for it on my off days!

  4. Looove the green tank with the gray skirt! My new job has more of a relaxed dress code too, which makes me beyond happy that I can wear nice pieces that still let me style show through...like you do in these pictures! :)