Happy 3rd Anniversary

First off, I want to thank everyone for the sweet comments, tweets, and emails the other day. I am utterly heartbroken and I told my mom and H that I feel like a piece of me is gone forever.

....but today is H and I's 3rd wedding anniversary. I can't believe I was attending my cousin's funeral 3 years to the day she was practicing with us at our rehearsal dinner. The pain is just unbelievable and I hate bringing such sorrow and sadness to my little blog, but I'm not going to paint a picture of happiness while I'm experiencing something I hope none of you ever have to go through.

Looking back to this day 3 years ago, I was walking on air. I married the most amazing man, and these past 3 years have been effortlessly easy. We never had that "tough 1st year" that I feel is so cliche. I'm sure we'll have our struggles over the years, but so far so good. We just instantly fit together perfectly and I love who he is and how I am because of him.

Such an amazing day that feels as if it was just yesterday....

My beautiful cousin sitting in front of my "little" brother

H's performance, they'll sign autographs later ;)


  1. This is the sweetest. Happy, HAPPY anniversary you and H! Even thought I know I don't "know" you...I feel like I do and I'm so happy that you have such an AMAZING man in your life. Just know, relationships like yours give us single gals out there a glimmer of hope that we'll all find our H's someday :) XO

  2. Sooooo sweet!!!! Happy anniversary to the lovely couple!!!!

  3. I'm glad there was some good in your life this week Kate, and that you're celebrating your anniversary despite your cousin's loss. Keep your chin up girl, because you got an amazing support system by your side through it all. :)

    Happy Anniversary!

  4. Happy Anniversary! Sorry I'm late. Hope you two enjoyed it. You're wedding looked like it was a lot of fun and you had so many cute personalized details ;-)