What I'm Loving Wednesday

Happy Hump Day! We're halfway there, and I'm already exhausted... such a busy week and counting down the hours days until Friday.

~ I'm loving that it's June! Hellooooo summer :)

~ I'm loving that H's parents are closing on their house down here soon! Can't wait to have family down here.

~ I'm also loving that with H's parent's being down here means his dad can help us paint! Other than our kitchen, all of our walls are the same color.. very blah! Can't wait to add some more pops of color and give this place more of a personality.

~ I'm loving Desiree as the Bachelorette! Could she be any cuter?

~ I'm loving that I finally rode Space Mountain! I was a deprived child who never went to Disney World, so getting those FL resident passes this year was HUGE for me and I enjoyed every second of it and can't wait to go back!

~ I'm loving my recent finds on Pinterest:

~ I'm always loving my amazing H

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  1. that is awesome that H's parents are moving down there! Ah I want to go on space mountain!! my favorite!!

  2. ohh that bedroom looks so refreshing! good find!

  3. Those Pinterest finds are amazing! The Tory Burch shoes and clutch look adorable.