Happy Easter Weekend

3 day weekends are my favorite :)

So glad that both H and I get today off from work, and we'll be spending the day getting ready for our neighborhood game night tonight. If you follow me on Pinterest you may have noticed that I've been pinning a lot of great game night ideas.

Drink charms... too cute!

Such great ideas, however I've been super busy lately so other than planning my menu of snacks and drinks for tonight, I sadly don't have a lot of decor inspired from above. There's always next time!

I plan on serving a double batch of buffalo dip (apparently a single batch isn't enough lol), dill pickle dip with cubed bread for dipping, sugar cookies in my bunny and butterfly shapes, and a pitcher of blue margaritas. 

Happy long weekend :)


  1. buffalo dip, yum! that sounds good to me!!

  2. all these ideas are so cute!! Game night center piece is so cute!! hope you guys have a blast!!