That one time when I....

cleaned the abyss that was my brother's room and when I dumped out one of his many boxes of crap I came across a $50 gift card to Old Navy from our aunt and uncle from several Christmases ago. So guess what I did? Yep... you guessed it.. I pocketed it as "payment" for making his room no longer a health inspectors worst nightmare.

I told my mom what I did and she laughed and said "good"! So, once we got back home from our trip up north, I placed an order with said card. I was worried that it wouldn't work or would have decreased in value since it was probably several years old but it worked and still had the full amount whoo hoo!

I placed an order for some summer staples and other than the shorts got some bright pieces since I love pops of color.

Women's Every Day Khaki Shorts in black

Women's Convertible Maxi Dress

I love that this dress can covert into a skirt as well. Can never have too many maxi's in the warmer months! 

Women's Perfect Rib-Knit Tank in sparkling grapefruit

Women's The Rockstar Micro-Dot Skinny Jeans in tropical sunset

Message to my brother: Ya snooze ya lose! Oh and you're a dirty buzzard, your room better not be trashed again! :-P

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  1. Maybe I should go clean my brother's closet... I'm really loving Old Navy's Rockstar jeans. So comfy and so many colors!