I'm Still Here! Photo Dump/Catch Up

Man alive I've been busy! So busy that I'm still exhausted and feeling pretty weak :(

I've been on the go since Wednesday and can't wait for a more chill week. As much as I hate that it's Monday, I'm so relieved that I can just come home after work and relax.

Wednesday, we went to the Magic game since H got tickets from work. We got to sit in one of the luxury suites which is the best way to go to a game. Free food and drinks, private bathrooms, away from the crowds, LOVE! We've been blessed by both of our jobs over the past few years to attend games VIP style and we've been super spoiled.

Thursday, I had to get up before the sunrise to drive to my work conference. I was EXHAUSTED, but I got there safely thankfully. It was a long day of meetings, but then we all went bowling and came back to the hotel for dinner and drinks at the hotel bar. Such a fun night filled with shenanigans of course. 

We always have a lot of fun when we all get together

One of my co-workers even showed up to the meetings like this:

Full suit with bright green sneakers, someone didn't pack his suitcase ahead of time. Definitely hilarious!

Friday, I got up and drove back (still exhausted!) and worked the rest of the day. I raced home from work, worked out, and got ready to go to my neighbor's Tastefully Simple party.. YUM! 

I ordered a few of my staples from them and tried something new, can't wait for the shipment to come in.

Saturday, we went to Magic Kingdom which I had never been to. My first Disney visit was in November to Epcot for the Food & Wine Festival. We decided to take advantage of the Florida resident passes, and we get to go to 4 parks for less than the cost of admission to 2! We plan on going to Animal Kingdom and Hollywood Studios next, and then back to Magic Kingdom to see everything we missed this past visit. 

I was all ready to go in an airy outfit (which includes my new mint skinnies!) and my sparkly ears, but it was soooo cold (ok.. Florida cold) that I had to wear a hoodie all day and was still COLD! Brrrrrrrrr!

Such an amazing day, but there's still sooooo much we didn't get to see. It's a good thing we got the Florida resident passes so we can go back and hit up the other parks as well. 

We went to the new Fantasyland, and waited foooooorever to go on the new Little Mermaid ride. Definitely getting one of those fast passes next time we go. Redonkulous!  

Walking through the castle for the 1st time was surreal, and I can't wait to go back. Preferably when it's a little warmer out :-P

That night, H's father arrived since he's down here to start house hunting for him and my mother-in-law to move down here and join us. Hopefully, they'll find the right house soon. We can't wait to have some of our family down here with us for good.

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  1. You have been busy!! We feel like the weekend just flew by and it was so busy that we need a do over just to relax. :-)

    Jayme & Mendi @ Her Late Night Cravings

  2. i was literally just about to say you have been busy!! but then the comment above me did. haha! looks like a blast!

  3. Wow! You have been busy! Are you looking forward to having your ILs be near you?!

  4. I hear ya on the busy/exhausted thing. Woofta. But all of your pictures look amazing! So much fun :)

  5. Soooo happy for un update on you, lady! Looks like you're having a great, busy, fun time! Excited for y'all that H's parents are joining you in Florida!! Here's to a great weekend! :)