Have a Very Green Weekend

TGIF! Since I didn't get to have a normal weekend last week, I'm super happy that it's Friday.

Tonight, we're going out to celebrate with some of our friends, but it's a top secret surpreeze! :-D

Tomorrow, friends of ours are throwing a St Patricks Day party which I'm sure will be filled with lots of green, car bombs, and of course shenanigans! I'm planning on making something yummy from Pinterest of course, but haven't decided what yet. Will definitely post the recipe later.

Last year was a lot of fun, but this year I will just make sure not to over-indulge 0:-)

On another note, since everyone is freaking out about google reader going buh-byes, I have signed up for Bloglovin and hopefully you'll all follow me there in case we can no longer view and read blogs. I added a gadget/widget to my sidebar just in case the sky is really falling on bloggy-land.

Hop on over and link up for the Friday Chaos blog hop with Oh So Amelia

Have a safe and fun weekend!


  1. Hope you have a fun weekend!! Looks like you are all set to celebrate St. Patty's! Hope you find something new to wear! :-)

    Also, just followed you on Bloglovin. We have one too of you'd like to follow. We just hate that they are going to get rid of Google Reader/Friend Connect.

    Jayme & Mendi @ Her Late Night Cravings

  2. LOVE st. patty's day! hope you have a fun time tonight and tomorrow!