What I'm Loving Wednesday

Weekly Link Up with This Kind of Love

I'm loving that H and I will be spending the rest of the week at the Universal resort and are even being treated to a Blue Man Group show tomorrow night! He seriously has the best job!

I'm loving that H's work Christmas party is on Friday and from all the stories of last year's at Disney World it's sure to be epic!

I'm loving that all my Christmas shopping is officially done (including H's stocking stuffers) and is wrapped and under the tree. Well, H's stocking won't get filled until Christmas Eve when Santa comes ;0)

I'm loving all the Christmas cards that have been coming in the mail from family and friends. Love feeling loved!

I'm loving that I'm officially an "Auntie"!! My bf from high school gave birth to a beautiful baby boy yesterday afternoon. I can't stop looking at the pictures she sent me, he's perfect!

I should totally get him this shirt! J/K

I'm loving my new eyeshadow primer! I had a sample of the Urban Decay Primer Potion with my Naked Palette, but I ran out of it pretty quickly and had been using Kat Von D's primer which was just meh. I ordered a new tube of UD's Primer Potion that I got in the mail on Monday, and it is amazing! My eye makeup lasted all day yesterday, and even through dinner and drinks last night with the girls.

I'm loving my new sparkly gold nail polish that I will be rocking for Christmas and all it's festivities. That almost sounded like "Festivus for the Rest of Us". Haha.. love Seinfeld.. 

I'm loving my friends... old and new! I have the greatest group of friends back in CT that anyone could ask for, and H and I have been getting to know some fantastic people down here in FL as well. *Super thankful*

I'm always loving my silly H!


  1. I love the UD primer, such great stuff. I love even more that they put in a squeezable tube, so much better than the wand!

  2. i love christmas cards arriving too :)

    hooray for it almost being CHRISTMAS!!