Overdue Christmas Post

Christmas was fantastical and I couldn't have asked for a better long weekend at home in CT. H and I flew in on Thursday night, and our friends we cruised with back in August picked us up and we went to Archie Moores for dinner. It had been a long time since we had good buffalo wings, and Archies sure hit the spot! We all shared buffalo chicken nachos, and all of us except for H got the buffalo chicken wrap while H got the buffalo chicken quesadillas. YUM!

Best wings ever!

Friday was a busy day... I had a hair appointment at 10:00 (yes I still go to my hairdresser in CT!) and then H and I went to go visit my grandpa. After that we went to go see one of my bf's from high school and her new baby boy!!

He's perfect!

Even H got to hold him and now our friends are passing along the torch saying "You're next!"

That evening, we met up with a bunch of our friends at BAR for pizza! So, we got our buffalo wings fix the night before, now it was time for our pizza fix! The saying really is true that there just isn't pizza as good as it is in the northeast. I don't get it.. why do New York and Connecticut seem to have down buffalo wings, pizza, and bagels and the rest of the country just can't seem to get with the program? My aunt moved to Michigan a few years ago, and has been known to fly home with a pizza box from Pepe's on her lap!

Mmmm pizza!

Me and my bff

Shenanigans with H and his friends

Me with 2 of my besties from the good ol' college days 

Me and some of my lovely ladies

Is it snowing in here?

Nope we're just 5 and were playing with the fake snow 0:-)

<3 them!

Thankfully, Saturday was Christmas Eve and H and I just relaxed most of the day. His sister and her fiancee stopped by and so did our friends who picked us up from the airport so we visited with them for a while before getting ready for my aunt's house later that evening. 

H's parents have a basset hound named Ginger (I call her pupperz) and she gets cold outside in the winter so she has this adorable jacket that even comes with a hood!

H and I on Christmas Eve. I'm wearing my new blazer from the LC Collection at Kohls. Love Lauren! 

My uncle had a replica made of the leg lamp from Christmas Story

H and I got back to his parent's house and decided to watch The Santa Clause with Tim Allen before calling it a night. Perfect Christmas Eve!

Christmas morning, we got up early and went to go see my grandpa again before heading to my parent's house for brunch and presents. I was a tad emotional, but it was great to see him again before heading back to FL.

My mom always stages a photo shoot on Christmas in front of the tree, this is me in-between my little brother and H

Santa Paws came for Roxy even though she was down in FL. He even came to H's parents house where she got her own doggy stocking! Adorable!

I got a Kindle Fire!

My brother got a new snowboard and H got a blu-ray player

Then it was back to H's parent's house where we ate more good food and opened more goodies! We are both very blessed with amazing families and couldn't ask for more. 

One of the best gifts I opened all day was Catch Phrase.

We played several matches with H's parents, his sister and her fiancee, and his cousin. So much fun! 

Even pupperz was tuckered out after the intense games of Catch Phrase

Hope everyone had an amazing Christmas with their friends and family!

Tomorrow I'm off on the hunt for a New Years Eve dress! Bring on the sequins! :-D


  1. Did you get the mashed potato pizza at bar?! I miss it when I am in Cali.

    And cannot wait to see the New Years dress...I might love sparkles as much as you do!

  2. YES! My friend and I tried the mashed potato pizza with bacon on it and it was delish!

    I just picked up a dress for New Years on my lunch break and I'll post a pic of it later. I tweeted it as well. I hope it's not "too much" for the occasion.