I miss my heels!

I've always been a high heeled shoe lover, as I've chosen beauty over comfort for years. And living in FL allows me to wear sandals/flip flops in lieu of flats year round when heels aren't appropriate. But, I recently picked up my 1st pair of flats at Target the other day to wear for Christmas. I decided it was finally time to see what all the fuss was about and I picked up these ballet flats in Pewter. (to be festive of course!)

Well, I wore them to H's Christmas party since there was going to be a lot of walking. I ended up being in A LOT more pain than the girls in heels because these flingin' flangin' shoes gave me the worst blisters! I took my shoes off at the after party in someone's hotel room and people were laughing saying how bad could my feet hurt after being in flats all nights, and once people saw the damage on my heels and on that ball thingy sticking out underneath my big toe I was vindicated. 

Well, I took them out this morning for another try and decided to wear them to work. By the time I got down the stairs and out into the garage I was already limping.

Yep.. that's a band-aid on my right foot underneath the big toe. My temporary fix from the pain.

Ladies, does this get any better or should I stick to my beloved heels and stop trying to make this work? Did I just get a bad pair or do flats need to be broken in just like heels?


  1. I'm a big fan of flats! I probably have like 12 pairs. haha

    Some flats do need to be broken in, especially the ones that are more fitting to your feet or the ones that are harder in the material used. If it's a case like that, I'll usually buy them a half size up and try to break them in before I actually go out and wear them if need be.

    It's like a pair of heels though, most need to be broken in. I usually don't have a problem with flats, I only have a couple pairs that really needed to be broken in. The rest of mine, I didn't have any problems at all. I have never tried the kind you got though, the elastic kind, so that could be why you're having problems.

  2. I feel you - I'm always getting blisters in flats! I definitely think they need to be broken in.