Christmas Came Early!

I can't believe it's December already! I feel like 2011 completely flew by! I'm just so flingin' flangin' excited to fly home in 3 weeks and see all of my favs!

Buuuuut... exciting news! My mom told me the other day that she got me something on Black Friday that was too big for me to bring home on the plane after Christmas, so I got my hopes up that it was my Kitchen Aid mixer that I've been wanting since before the wedding. It sat on our wedding registry, and I watched as all my knottie friends got theirs at their bridal showers. My mom ended up getting really sick and was in the hospital for about a week leading up to the days before my shower, and she's a nurse so since she lost so much work during that time, her paycheck was non-existent until she returned to work. She expressed to me how badly she wanted to get me the Kitchen Aid mixer, and she would some day. I told her I didn't care about the mixer and I was just so happy she was out of the hospital and at my bridal shower! Plus she still gave us some beautiful gifts! I had forgotten about her saying that until my birthday a few months ago when she brought up again that she'd be getting me the Kitchen Aid since I still didn't have one even with all the baking I do. So, I started to get my hopes up, but then tried to squash them just in case that's not what was in the mail.

I got home from work today, and as I was pulling into the driveway, H had put the box so I couldn't pull into the garage so I could see it. And there it was!!

My Kitchen Aid mixer in Gloss Cinnamon

She's so purrrty

Just in time for all of my holiday baking including my famous red velvet cupcakes! YUM! I'm super excited to test it out this weekend! :-D


  1. I'm so excited for you! You will absolutely LOVE it! My Momma got mine too (what awesome Mom's we have!), but mines in cobalt blue. :)

  2. Thanks! I'm super excited to start using it! I love all the colors, I was actually eyeing the blue's too :0)