What I'm Loving Wednesday

It's that time again for the hump day link up with This Kind of Love

I'm loving that I have a short work week. Our Christmas party is tomorrow night, so they'll let us out early tomorrow and we'll have Friday off. YES PLEASE!

I'm loving that I'll have a short work week next week too.. H's Christmas party is next Friday, so I took it off so I can stay with him at the resort they're putting the whole company up at and I can just enjoy not being at work and get ready for what I hear will be an epic party that evening.

I'm loving that we're almost done with our Christmas shopping! And I did 95% of it online! Hurray for no crowds!

I'm loving these Gap jeans I just ordered just in time for our trip home. If they're anything like the Always Skinny black jeans I have I know I'll LOVE them!

I'm LOVING my new Kitchen Aid Mixer my mom sent me as an early Christmas present! I'll be using it again tonight to make Creme de Menthe cookies!

I'm loving my recent Pinterest finds:

Muppets cake pops! Awesomeness!

Blue Velvet Cupcakes

Avocado Grilled Cheese YUM

Christmas Sangria



I'm loving that the Christmas specials are playing on tv. I've already seen Mickey's Christmas Carol and Christmas Vacation. I missed Charlie Brown the other night, but I'm sure they'll play it again!

I'm always loving my adorable hubs

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  1. TV this time of the year is the absolute best, I love it!